Paleo Challenge

OS X 10.9.0
Are you a dinosaur expert? Do you know the difference between a hadrosaur and a duck? Do you know who would win if a T-Rex and a Spinosaurus fought? Do you have a strong opinion about feathers on a T-Rex? Then maybe you're ready for Dinosaur George's Paleo Challenge! Unlock the secrets to a mysterious museum with your vast knowledge of dinosaur trivia. This game features a ton of trivia questions to answer, clues to find, and dinosaurs to chase, all in a nonviolent, kid-friendly environment. As you answer dino trivia questions, parts of the museum will spring to life, to construct the ultimate Dinosaur Museum. And if you see Dinosaur George's traveling museum in person, you can unlock a bonus area and even win a real fossil the next time you see his show!