Paper Football

OS X 10.6.6
If you love AMERICAN FOOTBALL then Kickoff off the action with FlickIT Paper Football. Score a touchdown when you FLICK the triangular shaped paper football and it hangs partially over the edge of the table without falling off. Or kick a field-goal through through a goal post made of fingers and thumbs! Now the greatest table top version of the football goes digital with double-coverage 3D graphics and 3 modes of play that put you in the middle of the action no matter how you like to play. Whether you start a league*, or just challenge a friend, it is fast and easy to read your options in the user interface and get the ball in the air with your opening kickoff. Everything you need is here. Nothing extra to buy. ------------------------------------------- - Start with 6 unlocked teams. - Includes both a desk stadium and a professional stadium already unlocked. - Win games and make extraordinary plays to unlock the space stadium and additional teams.** BE THE PLAYMAKER! --------------------------- PASS-&-PLAY (sometime called HOTSEAT) mode let's you and a friend play against each other on the same computer. MULTIPLAYER ONLINE let's you play against one of your friends anywhere in the world! PLAY AGAINST THE COMPUTER to get really good and win against your friends online! ----------------------------------------------- THE CROWD ROARS WITH GOOD REVIEWS! And we are pretty sure you are going to love the game! ----------------------------------------------- *Start a Paper Football League One of the great scoring weapons included in this Paper Football game is the ability to setup a PRIVATE Online Game. Share the game name and scheduled time with your opponent, and then even if you are worlds apart, the game is on. (Future updates will include a chat mode to be used however you see fit during game play.) ---------------------------------------------------------- **Here's how to unlock the Space Stadium and the rest of the teams: ---------------------------------------------------------- Vikings - win 3 games Spartans - Play 3 VS CPU games and 3 Hotseat games Werewolves - Perform a kick off of at least 70 yards without going off the table Cobras - Make a touchdown from at least 30 yards away Dragons - Make a total of 30 field goals or extra points Reapers - Make a total of 30 touchdowns Bone Crushers - Win 20 games against the computer & 20 games online Space Stadium - Play 20 games