Pass the Phrase

OS X 10.10
"Pass the Phrase" is an intriguing new phrase generator for your Macintosh. It creates bazillions of sweetly memorable random multi-syllable or multi-word phrases, useful as pass-phrases or passwords, secret-names for your next project, or possibly great new business names. You can save and share your favorite phrases with your friends. There are also options to automatically send you a new phrase every day, or globally synchronize your app with everyone else so you all get the same phrase at the same time (like a secret virtual handshake!) Here are some examples of what "Pass the Phrase" comes up with: Anti-giraffe Questionably-fractal-quirky-sink Verbose-snarkinator Comically-languishing Jubilant-glyph Brazenly-sultry-handshake Duo-bendigram Billowing-consequence Blessed-runes Randomly-flying-opinion Here are some of the features that make "Pass the Phrase" a great phrase generator: * Share your favorite phrases with your friends on Facebook, e-mail, etc. * Bookmark a favorite phrase to save it, and then "Rewind" any time to bring that bookmarked phrase back and show it again. * Copy and paste the phrase text easily to other applications. * It carefully builds many real and computer-generated words using the proprietary "MakeSents© Engine" to create endless phrases. * Use it for passwords or new business names, or invent your own phrase-guessing games! * Turn on "Global-Sync", and you will be globally synchronized with everyone else's "Pass the Phrase" app... everyone gets the same phrase at the same time anywhere in the world. * Turn on "Daily Phrases" to automatically receive a new phrase notification every day. * Ask for new phrases any time, "Pass the Phrase" is designed to delight!