Passenger for Uber

OS X 10.10
With Passenger, you can now get a ride from your Mac, without needing your phone at all! Passenger stays in your menu bar, and can quickly be brought up with a keyboard shortcut, keeping ride estimates just a tap away. Passenger supports the full Uber experience, and is powered by the official Uber API. You can: - See all the available ride types in your area, and how far away they are. We'll even keep the nearest ETA in your menu bar so you know when it's a good time to request a ride. - Enter a destination, or use recent destinations, to get cost estimates. - Get an upfront pricing estimate, choose your payment method and request a ride. - Get an ETA on your pickup time right in your menu bar, as well as notifications in your Notification Center so you know when to leave. - Track your drivers progress on a map to stay up to date. Passenger works in tandem with the Uber app on your phone, and seamlessly transitions between them. Passenger also supports Touch Bar to make it even simpler to request a ride, without even needing to touch a mouse or trackpad! To check if Uber is available in your area, go to Uber is a trademark of Uber Technologies, Inc.