Passing Pineview Forest

OS X 10.6.6
Can you escape this delightfully terrifying horror game alive? The scariest game you could ever imagine is waiting for you, alone on a path in the forest. The objective is simple, make your way through the dark forest and hope you can make it out before the predators get you. If you like horror, this game has it all. Suspenseful soundtracks, awesome graphics, and the potential to make you scream as you clutch onto the edge of your seat. Can you make it all the way out? Come into the darkness and find out for yourself. Good luck and keep your eyes open. If you can. Features - Chills and thrills - Amazing horror game - Frightening game effects - Scary soundtracks and graphics - Challenging gaming experiences Follow the path through Pineview Forest until the End. But be quiet, otherwise it will take you! Good Luck!