Password Repository

Intel 64 / OS X
$ 20.00
Password Repository 3 is the OS X native app to manage all your passwords and all the related data in a safe way on your Mac. It's a document-based app, and allows you to manage an unlimited numbers of documents, any containing how many password records (records + related data) you like. Any document you create is protected by a 'Master Password' with AES-256 encryption algorithm, using the latest native Cocoa libraries by Apple. For any record you can insert at any moment: Category (you can create a list of Categories and any record has one associated) Name (to identify it) Url (the web site where you use this password if needed) Account (if you are identified by an account) User ID (how you login or are recognized here) Password (the password used) Email (the email you used to at this place to register yourself) Note (a free text area with additional notes you want to have) Features Push&Pull for userId/Password (do it all with a single click) Data protection of all your data inside the document using AES-256 powerful encryption algorithm If you upgrade form an older version full compatibility with your previous documents Fast to open documents thanks to the native implementation we use for the encryption mechanism Safe and stable. Password Repository 3 uses all the latest Apple technology to manage your data. Password Repository 3 is document based. You can manage and move how many documents you like. Autorecovery always on. Password generator inside to create new password in the format you need. Resume, Auto Save, Versions, all supported. Import and Export of data in a very customizable way. Includes a full User Guide in PDF