Password Teacher

OS X 10.13
You are looking to remember your password, make sure the keys to your most valuable information is kept safe. However, remembering passwords is difficult when it is a random combination of letters numbers and symbols. Have no fear, simply type your password from where you initially recorded it into the first textbox then type it again from memory into the second, Get stuck just unhide the password, then once you know it off by heart just close the app. Repeatedly typing out your password and checking it is correct is a great way to memorise it and it has never been easier. Simple, Secure. Please note: This application does not save your password to any long-term memory, it also does not send or transmit your password in anyway shape or form it only exists in the apps short-term local memory, However, I do not take any responsibility for any unauthorised use of your password or for any damages caused should your password fall into the wrong hands. Use at your own risk.