Password ZIP Maker

OS X 10.11
Create password protected ZIP files using Password ZIP Maker.The application secures your ZIP files by creating them with password protection.Not only this, it can also Unzip the ZIP files that are password protected.Creating a password protected zip file not only increases the security, but also it reduces the file & folder sizes by compressing them.This in turn saves the disk space as well. The ZIP files with password protection could be shared easily and sent, downloaded or uploaded easily due to their reduced size.The ZIP files are platform independent. Hence these could be unzipped on any system when the right password is provided. Zipping many files into a single ZIP file is also more convenient than attaching them all separately to the email. If you do not wish to add password, then simply leave the password field blank and the ZIP file will be created without password. The application supports creating password protected ZIP files from files and folders of different locations in the computer. For example : If you have a few files and folders in Documents directory and a few in Desktop, you could drag and drop these files and folder from Documents and Desktop folder to the application. The application will add these files and folders to its list and you will be able to create the zip file easily. The application has an elegant interface which shows the File name,Folder name, the actual size of the folders and the names of the parent folder.It also has an inbuilt previewer.When you click on a File, its preview will appear in the right pane of the application.The right sided pane will also display the important information related to the file like its path, size, created date, last updated date & etc. These features could be very helpful in identifying the files and sorting them out inside the application. When you right click on a file or folder in the list, the application will display a menu with below options : a) Highlight in Finder - This option opens the Finder and highlights the selected File/Folder inside it. b) Get detailed information - This option shows a window with detailed information on the File or Folder. c) Open Folder that contains this file - This option highlights the parent folder which contains the selected files and folder.For example : If your file is inside a folder called "Important files", this option will highlight the folder "Important files" Below are the features of the app : -- Create Password protected ZIP files. -- Unzip password protected ZIP files. -- Add files and folders by simple Drag and Drop to the application. -- Add files and folders from across different location from the computer & create ZIP from these files and folders together. -- ZIP either selected files or all files in the list. -- View vital files and folder details inside the application like their path, size, created date, last updated date & etc. -- Preview files inside the application directly. -- Right click on the File or Folder name to view their location in Finder and Get detailed information on them.