PassWorks Media

OS X 10.11
Photos and videos intended for your eyes only deserve the best security available to keep them private. PassWorks® Media protects your most critical and sensitive information with UniVault®, the world's strongest password authentication. Safeguard albums of photos and videos with greater security than ever available before. UniVault is a revolutionary advance over conventional password authentication, allowing you to use any of nearly 60,000 Unicode characters, including emojis, and to create your own custom characters not found in any language. UniVault is not susceptible to any of the attacks hackers use today, such as brute force attacks, dictionary attacks, and rainbow tables. PassWorks allows you to create a custom character that is hundreds of bytes long - many times longer than your passwords today, and virtually unbreakable. The result? Unprecedented security that exceeds anything you've ever used or seen. Everything you save in PassWorks is encrypted with industry-standard 256-bit AES, providing leading-edge data protection. PassWorks Media for macOS synchronizes your information securely and seamlessly with PassWorks Media for iPhone and PassWorks Media for iPad, available on the iOS App Store. PassWorks' iCloud integration means you only have to enter your information once on any PassWorks-equipped device, and your other devices and computers - iPhones, iPads, and Macs - are synchronized in seconds. Your UniVault credentials are saved in iCloud Keychain and automatically synchronized to your devices. Importantly, all of your information saved in PassWorks resides only on your devices and in your iCloud storage - we do not have any of your data or account information, further protecting your privacy and confidentiality.