Paste: A pasteboard manager

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Paste is a simple and convenient pasteboard manager. Every time you copy something to your pasteboard, Paste automatically stores it so you don't have to worry about losing it. And if you ever want to copy it back, just open up Paste up from your menu bar and select it again. It's great for developers who use ⌘C/⌘Z as their source control, and supports more than just text: it can store anything and everything - files, images and even content copied from other applications. However if this seems too creepy and invasive to you then not to worry, Paste has a bunch of privacy settings like a customisable blacklist for blocking certain apps so your 1Password passwords aren't exposed. For the power users it has a customisable shortcut that allows you to switch between your currently copied paste and the one you had previously copied. It also looks great on OS X Yosemite, and yes, it supports the new dark theme. Everything is automatically taken care of, it will run in the background silently and efficiently, keeping track of what you've copied. Even when you quit it, Paste will restore whatever you previously had copied on your pasteboard the next time you open it. And when you want to get rid of them, just pull down the list like you would on your phone to clear it.