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Paste To File

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Description Paste To File allows you to paste the content in the clipboard as a file. It adds a " Paste To File " menu item to the Finder context menu. * Features Fast and Easy - Right click on any text and select " Paste To File " or "Services -> Paste To File " to paste the clipboard content as a file. Rich support - Supports plain text, rich text, image, HTML, web archive clipboard content. - Animated GIF (fps customizable) are also supported. - It even allows you to copy a file and paste it's icon as a file! * Notes -If the " Paste To File " menu item does not appear in the Finder context menu, please relaunch Paste To File and try again. - In some OS X versions, you may need to logout and then login again to make the services being updated. - Please also make sure that the " Paste To File " service is enabled in "System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Keyboard Shortcuts-> Services".