Pasteasy – Copy & paste between your phone and computer

OS X 10.9
THE QUICKEST APP TO COPY TEXT MESSAGES AND PHOTOS BETWEEN YOUR PHONE AND COMPUTER! Pasteasy (read: “Paste-easy”) is a productivity app that simplifies and speeds up your daily workflow, saving you valuable time. It enables you to privately share the clipboard between your devices, so you can simply copy and paste to easily move content. Use it to copy text snippets, photos, links, screenshots and files (coming soon). For example: - Compose a text message on your computer and paste it to your phone to send. - Easily copy photos from the computer to your phone and vice-versa. Transfer multiple photos in one shot. - Take screenshots on your computer or phone and watch them automagically appear on the other device. - Quickly preview live camera shots taken by your phone on the computer in real-time. - Copy a URL on your phone and Pasteasy can automatically open and load the webpage on your computer. The possibilities are endless! Whether you are a texting enthusiast, photo lover, graphic designer, mobile developer, student, housewife, businessman, writer, life hacker, or anyone who works with more than one device, you will find Pasteasy indispensable for daily use. FEATURES: SIMPLE COPY AND PASTE Use native copy and paste actions. Pasteasy syncs the clipboard instantaneously. No extra taps — you don’t need to interact with Pasteasy other than for connecting the devices. Save valuable time. FAST, SECURE AND PRIVATE Encrypted over local WiFi for speed. No more waiting. It even works without WiFi, over mobile personal hotspot. FLEXIBLE SHARING Scan barcode to connect to any device, yours or friend’s. You don’t need an email address, a phone number, a shared link, a friend request or anything to share photos with them. CROSS PLATFORM Copy across iPhone, iPad and Mac. Tip: Please enable Bluetooth on connected devices to keep Pasteasy running in the background (works when connected to Mac OS X 10.9+ or iOS 7+ devices supporting Bluetooth LE). If Bluetooth is not enabled, the iPhone app shall automatically go to sleep after 3 minutes when in background. Download Pasteasy mobile app from