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Pastebin It! is a productivity tool to speed up your paste sharing and archiving on pastebin! Pastebin It! sits in your menu bar waiting for any snippets or code samples you want to throw up to pastebin in a snap!! Check out our quick walkthrough video here Features include:- ## SPEED, SPEED, SPEED! ## Publish content to pastebin and have its url on your clipboard in just 2 keyboard shortcuts! ## LANGUAGE AUTO DETECTION ## Offering over 250 different syntax options, Pastebin It! will attempt to auto detect the language to save you time ## DRAG AND DROP SUPPORT! ## Drag any text based file onto the Pastebin It! icon and its contents will be auto detected and instantly ready for sending ## AUTO DEFAULTS ## Every setting you change automatically becomes the default for your next paste, more time saved!! ## SUPPORT FOR EVERYONE ## Support for users both with and without pastebin accounts!* Shortcuts In addition to all the normal shortcuts you would expect, Pastebin It! offers a few additional ones to supercharge the experiece ⌘⌥P (command + alt + P) - Brings up Pastebin It! from what ever you are working on a has your pasteboard contents auto detected and ready to go! ⌘D (command + D) - Toggles input between the main snippet and title fields ⌘⏎ (Command + Enter) - Submits all you PasteBin It! content to pastebin * - Those without, or with free accounts will need to work within the limitation of the pastebin platform outlined here