Pastery for Xcode

OS X 10.12
Pastery for Xcode allows you to generate pastes on from your source files. The extension supports (among others) Swift, Objective-C, Objective-C++ and pure C/C++. To install the extension follow the steps below: * Launch "Pastery for Xcode" from your Applications folder and paste your API key (you can find the link in the placeholder of the API key field). * Enable the Pastery extension in System Preferences > Extensions > Xcode Source Editor * Relaunch Xcode * Use Editor > Pastery menu to create a paste from a whole file or just a selection. * Optionally you can set a shortcut from Xcode > Preferences > Key Bindings. Notes: * Pastery for Xcode requires Xcode 8+ and Mac OSX Sierra in order to run. * Do not install this app unless you are using Xcode as your code IDE.