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Pathology is a thoroughly Mac-native XPath debugger and visualizer written entirely in Cocoa. Pathology includes the innovative ability to debug your XPath queries by proceeding through them step-by-step. Pathology includes: * A full-featured XPath text editor with syntax highlighting, and code auto-completion. * Several syntax highlighting themes to choose from (in Preferences). * Check 'Debug' to slowly proceed through the XPath expression step-by-step, seeing the filtered result nodes each step of the way. * An interactive console with click-able error messages that lead you right to the syntax or runtime errors in your XPath or source XML. * Each Pathology window is a ".pathology" document that can be edited, saved and re-opened later. * A query results table contains details on the selected nodes or items. Clicking on a row focuses the corresponding node in the source XML text. * Query result nodes are also highlighted conspicuously in the source XML text. * Pathology's XPath engine is powered by Panthro, an open-source implementation of XPath written in Objective-C that includes the ability to debug the evaluation of an XPath expression step-by-step. As a Mac developer learning XPath, Pathology is the single-window, graphical XPath visualizer with Mac-native text editing, code completion and tab triggers that I've always wished I had.