Pattern Creator

OS X 10.11
App Description: Pattern Creator is a graphic design application that makes it easy for users to create complex graphic designs based on patterns. By combining multiple layers of patterns, users are able to make interesting and attractive artwork with little effort. Pattern Creator is an efficient tool for creating custom backdrops for web pages, word documents, posters, photos collections, or any other type of graphic design project. How it works: Designs are created by adding patterns to a Pattern Creator project. Patterns are made of simple shapes that are drawn repeatedly and displayed in a geometric manner. Each pattern makes up one layer in the project's canvas. By combining multiple patterns, complex designs can be achieved by using partially transparent lines and fills. Many aspects of a pattern can be edited, including the basic shapes that make up each pattern, the distribution of those shapes and their color features. Projects also include background and foreground fills that are combined with the pattern layers. Several types of fills are available each with editable features. Exporting Designs: Project designs can be exported as images in jpeg, png, and tif formats. The size of an exported image can be scaled up or down from the original project canvas size. The images exported can then easily be used in other graphic design programs.