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******* Top Features: ******* *** Powerful Conversion - Convert native normal PDF files to fully editable Word/PPT/Excel/HTML/EPUB/Text/Image(.jpeg,.png,.gif,.bmp and .tiff). *** Great Preservation - Preserve original text,images,graphics,etc with the original presentation layout ,fonts,and embedded images/charts/graphs. *** Batch Conversion - Convert multiple PDFs to multi-format documents. *** Convert encrypted PDF - Convert encrypted PDF files without hassles, however, if the PDF file require open password, you need to enter the password first. *** Fast conversion - Convert a 100-page PDF within 1 minute. Note: 1. Scanned PDF will be converted to image in document. 2. The free version can convert the first 2 pages of your document.You can buy the in-app-purchase to upgrade to the unlimited version. ============= ============= Connect us: anwodllok@outlook.com