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★★★Special offer, Only 2.99 dollars now!★★★ PDF Editor X is a PDF reader and note-taker for OS X. It keeps things simple and easy to use, but provides powerful functions for view and edit your PDF files. ★★★Key Features: ➤View and read PDF files Enhance and improve your reading experience effectively. You can choose reading modes according to your own habits and needs. ➤Speaking Use PDF Editor X to read your files when you want to hear them. ➤Searching Search PDF file to find specific information. Powerful search engine within PDF Editor X helps you locate the content you are looking for. All the notes you’ve taken are traceable. ➤Presentation Present your PDF files to any people, such as your friends or colleges. ➤Annotation Choose freely from Text, Anchored, Circle, Box, Highlights, Underline, Strike Out, New Line and Freehand. You can mark any words or sentences with your favorite styles and colors. ➤Bookmark Add and delete bookmarks for your PDF files and any place you want, so you can jump to the bookmark quickly and easily next time. ➤Note Write down your notes with different styles to suit the content and the format of your files. •••••• PDF Editor X provides even more powerful functions, waiting for you to experience. Just Try PDF Editor X and enjoy your life! Please feel free to contact us with the e-mail “easysoftmac@gmail.com” if you have any problems!