PDF Form Editor

OS X 10.7
PDF Form Editor A must-have app that will save you time and eliminate the need to print, fax or mail documents and forms for signature. Once you've tried it, you'll wonder how you ever got along without it! As it turns out, We end up having to sign a lot of documents, such as contracts, IRS forms, and the like. Many of these are in PDF form (bravo), and some even let us fill them out via my keyboard (even better). Luckily, PDF Form Editor makes all that superflous. It’s super easy to get your pen and paper signature onto a PDF. Here’s how. • Add Text,you can create text content on any PDF page, including images. • Sign documents with Mac. • Documents are imported and sent directly from your computer to maintain complete privacy and security. • No need to print, sign, or fax documents again • Full Offline - Sign documents offline, never fear bad internet in front of clients • Draw a shape on your PDF File,you can draw, position and resize a multitude of shapes, including Rectangles, Lines, Circle. • Export into a PDF