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PDF-Form-Filler is a app help you to edit your pdf files. With it you can overlay the text, images, check mark, cross mark and signature onto your pdf files. So you can use it to edit your pdf files, fill out pdf forms, or sign agreements and contracts in pdf format. It's incredibly useful. Key Features Add text anywhere in any font and size. The text is added as native PDF text Support add image Support add check mark, cross mark Support add your scanned signature Create signatures in the app Manage the signatures and images you have used Edit, move, resize or delete any element you add Support undo/redo operation Support rotate pages of PDF Save as new PDF, or print Doesn't blow up file size Fill out pdf forms of sign pdf files as you want Signing agreements and filling out forms over email becomes the norm, this can take up a lot of time and bother! It normally requires printing, then filling out manually and then scanning again, this wastes paper as well as time! PDF-Form-Filler Pro solves this problem with easy to use tools. ······ Just try PDF-Form-Filler and enjoy you work and life! It will amazing you! Please feel free to contact us if you have any problem! The support email: easysoftmac@gmail.com