PDF Paper Renamer – 简单的批处理文件更名

OS X 10.7
“重命名您的PDF文件快速点击几下” 学生,研究人员或科学家总是处理高容量的PDF文件。然而,通常的科学论文有假文件名。 PDFPaperRenamer可以批量重命名的pdf文档。的标题是从元数据或PDF内容,无论是正确的标题。 特点 - 易于使用但功能强大,负荷的PDF ,它会被自动重命名 - 使用简单的关键字语法分析器使用标题,日期和作者您的需求来重新命名 - 有多种选择,重命名您的纸张 - 缩短冗长的标题是缩略语基础上定义的关键字 - 包括添加日期自动发表论文 - 添加作者为最后的名称 (仅适用于与作者的元数据文档) - 使用浏览器手动选择从PDF标题 - 更换所需单词的空白 - 可选:选择原来的文件名,元数据之间或建议PDF内容的标题从标题 - 也可用于电子书或其他PDF文件重命名 "the best PDF renaming app on the Appstore - very simple and easy to use and gets the job done with 90-100% accuracy …. awesome ;-)" ( H.ibrhaim, Malaysia) "Just love it. - Perfect for technical report files. " (gdlstudent, Mexico) "Good Job - The app does exactly what said. 100 pdf with numbers immediately renamed around 85, the rest... very easy to do it manually you can see the name and book cover if it is necessary. 5 stars. I recommended it. I hope to rename epub in the app future." (Solto, Canada) "Very Useful App - A must have for everyone that having to deal with load of PDF files. Remaing PDF files is much and much easier with this app. It seems to hang sometimes, but great software nonetheless." (Chu Okas, Thailand)