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PDF Security offers a convenient and secure solution for keeping your PDF document safe. So that you can reduce the risk of distributing confidential and sensitive information, such as financial or legal documents, personal resume etc. PDF Security can keep PDF safe by protecting PDF documents from unauthorized: * Opening and viewing; * Content copying; * Printing out; * Page extraction; Besides, you can modify the document description (metadata), such as author, subject, title and keywords. FEATURES: *Easy-to-use Simple and clear, all the settings are right there in the user-friendly interface. *Support multiple processing of PDF files. *Complete control over PDF document usage -Prevent opening and viewing PDF without entering the correct open password. -Prevent document printing without the correct owner password. -Prevent copying or otherwise extracting text or graphics from the documents. *High level encryption Higher secure level by 128 bit encryption algorithm, which is hard to be crack. Note: Please be sure to make a note of the password, in case you need it to change the security settings in the future. Owner password can also open the PDF document, even when the open password is set. Your Mac App Store review matters! If you enjoy our apps, please leave a review or rate the applicaion on the Mac App Store! Thanks for helping us keeping the updates for new features! **Get more easy-to-use PDF apps on the Mac App Store: PDF Converter Master: Convert PDF to Word, PowerPoint and more. 50% OFF PDF to Word - PDF Converter : Top 10 paid app in Business Category. PDF to PowerPoint Converter : Convert PDF to PowerPoint Presentation. PDF Creator Master : Batch convert images and plain text files to PDF. SUPPORT If you have any feedback or questions, we'd love to hear from you! Lighten PDF Software offers free tech support: you can reach us by email at support@lightenpdf.com Thanks.