PDF to DXF Converter

OS X 10.7
PDF to DXF Converter is a tool for converting PDF to DXF files. Supported formats: PDF: PDF files must contain vector graphics. Main Feature: 1. Conversion Modes for PDF to CAD: Output All Entities. Output All Entities: Convert all the entities in the PDF file, including lines and text, etc. 2. Output Format: The default output format is R14. 3. User-friendly Interface: Click on the header to sort column, open the source file directory with "Show in Finder", open the output directory, batch conversion of PDF files to CAD, etc. Note: This tool only supports vector graphics, when you convert PDF files, you need to pay attention to whether your PDF file is a vector graphics. When your vector graphic file size is large(size>10M), the conversion may take a long time, the tool will not respond to your operation(appears color wheel), please be patient. In the test, there is a PDF vector file, the size is 28.6M, the output dxf file is 39M, conversion takes about 4 minutes, you can use this time to estimate your own conversion time. We regularly update the product, if you have any questions or suggestions, please send a message to the mailbox(moonlight_beauty@yeah.net), or leave a message on our website. If you are enjoying the app, please consider leaving a review or rating.