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PDF to ePub Converter Pro - The simple solution to convert PDF to ePub on Mac! Both PDF and ePub are popularly used in eBook market. Sometimes, PDF to ePub conversion is required, and the conversion lets you view eBooks straightforward in Apple iBooks, Kobo, Blackberry Playbook and more blissfully. iPubsoft PDF to ePub Converter Pro is specialized in converting Adobe PDF documents to ePub on Mac with a plenty of on-demand features. - Instantly convert Adobe PDF documents to ePub eBooks. - Support batch conversion in minutes. - Convert text&images in PDF at the same time. - Stunning easy-to-use and fast ePub creation software. Handsome tool for your ePub building from PDF on Mac Provide you the smart and rookie-friendly way to turn Adobe PDF files to ePub eBooks! You can transform multiple PDF docs at one stroke or convert partially. Amicable Preview design to redouble the conveniences Whilst converting, it’s advantageous for you to preview the imported PDF files page by page so as to choose the page or page range for precise conversion. File information display The PDF file size, total pages, conversion mode, selected pages, and status will be given following each title in details to make your PDF conversion exceedingly pellucid. The quick and smooth way to create ePub in a few clicks You can drag&drop PDF eBooks painlessly and turn them into ePub format with a few clicks. Results will be available within easy reach at once. Clean&simple interface Flexible tool buttons and considerate interface design for you to add file/folder, delete, clear all or move up/down files at random. High preservation PDF to ePub Converter Pro will preserve all your PDF contents like text, tables, hyperlinks, etc. as well as layouts and formatting originally.