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** Best tool to extract and convert PDF to editable text ** Why choose Aimersoft PDF to text? Aimersoft PDF to text is a must-have tool for both home users and business owners. It allows you to extract and convert PDF to Text. Then you can edit, reuse and share it. Key Features: *Easy-to-Use The wizard interface let you convert PDF to html as easy as 1-2-3. Just drag what you want and drop UN-wants. *High Quality and Preservation The converted text files retain the original layouts from PDF document. *Convert Encrypted PDF with Ease Help you convert encrypted PDF files normally restricted from printing,editing and copying. However, for password-protected PDFs you need to type the password in the pop-up dialog box,and then Aimersoft PDF to Text can do the conversion work for you. *Batch and Partial Modes Batch conversion enables you to convert up to 200 PDF files at a time to save time. Partial conversion lets you flexibly convert the wanted pages or page ranges. *Yes,it works with Mountain Lion (10.8) or later! *Note: Scanned PDF file is not supported! If you want to convert scanned PDF files,you can use 'Aimersoft PDF Converter Pro',which can convert scanned PDF files with OCR function. Need to convert PDF files to other formats? Aimersoft PDF Converter Pro can convert PDF files to Word,Excel,PPT,Text,image,html,RTF,and EPUB.