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PDF-to-Word-Fast is a fast and accurate tool to convert PDF to Word. It can convert PDF files to accurate and editable Word documents and preserves all the text,images,layouts,hyperlinks and tables with high accuracy. *Convert PDF to Word formats Extract all the text,layouts,images,tables,columns and graphics of the original PDF files to editable Word documents.Keep your PDF's original content,layout and formatting in Word.(This version does not support scanned PDF to text-based Word.The content is in PDF-based image,namely scanned PDF.You cannot copy and paste the content from the scanned PDF.) *Easy to use Easy to use with its intuitive and user-friendly interface,finish the PDF to Word conversion job with just 3 simple steps.This PDF-to-Word-Fast also supports drag-and-drop operation to import PDF files. ============= ============= Note: The free version can convert the first 2 pages of your document.You can buy the in-app-purchase to upgrade to the unlimited version. Connect us: anwodllok@outlook.com