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+ PDF to Word Pro is OCR edition for + PDF to Word, which can convert both normal PDF files and scanned PDF files to editable Word documents. Key Features: 1. Convert PDF to Word document (.docx) quickly and accurately; 2. Preserve original formatting, columns, text content, image well after conversion; 3. Let you import as many PDF as you want at one time. Batch conversion function can save you lots of time. 4. Let you specify any pages to convert, for example, you can only convert 1-5 page instead of the whole document. 5. Advanced OCR engine, which can recognize PDF file in 7 languages, such as English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian. Why would I need OCR (Optical character recognition) Converter? PDF created by scanner actually doesn't contain any text and font information, in this case, PDF converter app without OCR can only output an image or blank page instead of editable text content. OCR can recognize and extract text content out of image. Converting scanned PDF to editable Word requires OCR function. The best practice to enhance OCR result: 1. Rotate page to the right orientation; 2. Make sure your PDF file is clear enough, usually 150 dpi can get better OCR accuracy; 3. Select image areas in 'Advanced OCR Options', then it won’t perform OCR to selected areas.