Pdf Watermark Plus

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-----------Limited Time Offer, 50%------------ A easy way to make watermark for pdf file, text image and stamp supports jpg png , jpeg2000 bitmap etc Almost all popular image formats are supported  You can use pictures, text, and stamps Main features: 1.Add pictures, text, stamp watermarks 2. Automatically add the same watermark on each page 3.Add stamp containing your personal information 4.All generated files can add password protection (The same password for each output file) 5.You can change and remove the password (you need to enter the original password) 6.Original links and other information will be kept 7.Ouput image pdf (protect watermark) 8.The table of content is preserved. How to use 1 Open pdf file 2 add your own text watermark, set your favorite color and font size can be adjusted 3 Add a picture and adjust the position. Support scaling rotation and transparency 4 Add stamp. Supports input text. Support rotation and transparency 5 Choose whether you need to add a password (to the left of the Save button) 5 Select the file from the file list to be output, click Save (The selected file will be saved) if you pdf contains text and image , you can use watermark as foreground and set transparent. ************************************* if you have any problem , please email us at support@xtvsoft.com, thank you