PDFCutter – Cut PDF pages

OS X 10.9
PDFCutter is an intuitive Mac OS application to divide large PDF page(s) into multiple smaller Pages. PDFCutter offers tools to cut or slice PDF pages by applying table grid. You can add horizontal and vertical lines to cutting grid to increase number of columns and rows. It allows to drag grid lines and whole table to adjust cut area. In addition, complete PDF viewing features like tab panels showing page thumbnails and search options and various options for viewing scale, reading history and full Screen mode makes PDFCutter easy-to-use app. FEATURES: ◆ PDFCutter has various tools and method to easily apply crop, cut or slice PDF pages. 1) GridCutter: Insert a table grid of user specified row and columns on the PDF Page to divide the page into number of pages according to grid cell sections. 2) Horizontal Line: Add horizontal line to divide section into two parts vertically. 3) Vertical Line:- Add vertical line option divide section into two parts horizontally. ◆ Outer animated blue border define crop area whereas inner animated lines are cutting borders. You can select and drag corner thumbs and line to adjust crop and cut area of the working PDF page. ◆ You can click and move crop area over the page. ◆ Apply To: You can replicate crops and cut borders from one page to range of pages within the PDF document. ◆ Crop Tool:- User can create new crop area in any location within the PDF page by clicking mouse and drag mouse location. ◆ Remove White Margins:- Trim PDF pages to respective page artwork boundary. ◆ Contextual menu of common operations for easy and fast access. ◆ Very flexible options to add PDF file. Simply Right click Open With in Finder or Drop on “PDFCutter” application to add file for divide large dimension PDF pages into small sub parts PDF Pages beside direct Add File/Folder buttons. PDF VEIWING FEATURES: - Sidebar with Thumbnails and Search panel. - Easy reading page view options. Single page and double page view with optional continuous reading. - Fully selectable and searchable text contents. Can copy text to clipboard. - Bigger and smaller page view using ZoomIn, ZoomOut, Actual Size and Fit to Zoom controls. - Maintains reading history. Go to Back and Forward reading page. - Very flexible page navigation controls for easy traverse into open document. You can refer User Manual from menu "Help -> PDFCutter Help” for any assistance Or Contact Support.