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PDFSpeech will help you read more. It taps into text-to-speech (TTS) technology built into macOS to help you zip through PDFs. With great tools at hand, you’ll look forward to reading a book cover to cover, and even read an entire chapter in one sitting. PDFSpeech strives to banish the effort involved in reading, and it adds invaluable momentum to help you complete your biggest reading tasks. ​​PDFSpeech offers: • Intuitive controls: Double-click any word in the PDF Document to start text-to-speech from that point forward. Double-click in whitespace or margins to stop. • Create PDFs from your content: Bring in rich text content on the clipboard, or just a few pages selected from the Preview app. It's easy to get started with any of your content. • Build PDF Packs for Organized Reading: Automatically appends PDFs, creates internal table-of-contents to aid in navigation, automatically saves to disk. Quickly convert your reading list into a PDF Pack. • Print to PDFSpeech from any app: Supports printing to PDF from any macOS app including Safari's awesome Reader view for clutter-free web pages, or reports from Microsoft Word. • Listener-friendly design: Smartly avoids reading header & footer text, and has a Fast Skip mode that only reads sentences at start & end of paragraphs which is great when you’re only skimming to grab the big picture, • Customizable TTS engine: Provide custom word mappings to guide the TTS engine, so it doesn't mispronounce the same words over & over, and get on your nerves!