PDFSplitter Pro

OS X 10.6.6
PDFSplitter Pro is very productive Mac OS application for splitting or dividing large PDF document into smaller PDF files. PDFSplitter Pro has advance automation feature to watch folder for splitting PDF files. Split single or hundreds of PDFs into smaller PDF parts in no time. It allows user to split PDF document using three different divide criteria, Split by page count, Split by file size and split by top-level outline. In addition it preserves source PDF document’s bookmarks in output PDF files. WATCH FOLDER: A Pro version automation feature. Many Individual, business or organization is challenged to perform repetitive task like splitting PDF documents into smaller PDF files. Someday in future or now small to large business model working towards making paperless office, One that convert, store and use all forms of documentation in digital format. To improve paperless workflow the Super PDF Splitter solve it with powerful, time saver watch folder automation feature. Any incoming PDF files into assigned watched folder immediately stimulates splitter engine and starts dividing newly added PDF files into smaller PDF files. Like split all PDFs into individual pages. ◆ Very simple to use, Its a time saver. Set Watch Folder options once and run application in automation mode forever. FEATURES: ◆ Batch Split large PDF documents into two or more smaller PDF files. Three divide criteria supported 1) Split by number of pages per file. 2) Split by file size. Support to split into maximum 50 MB per file. 3) Split by top-level outline. Option to have outline titles as PDF filenames. ◆ Preserve bookmarks, links, annotations from source PDF files into output split PDF files. ◆ File labeling options. Allow to choose add label before or after original filename, add user define label, add user define separator between label and original filename. ◆ Use outline name as filename if split PDF by Top-level outline. ◆ Add PDF files recursively from subfolders into conversion list. ◆ An advance option to maintain source directory hierarchy at destination with converted images in respective folders. While split operation automatically creates intermediate directories of input PDF path in target folder with converted images. ◆ Very flexible options to add PDF files. Simply Drag & Drop into list or Right click Open With in Finder or Drop on "PDFSplitter Pro" application to add files for conversion beside direct Add File/Folder buttons. ◆ Option to create separate folder for each source PDF file in target to store split output PDF files. You can refer User Manual from menu "Help -> PDFSplitter Pro" for any assistance Or Contact Support.