PDiff Express – PDF Diff

OS X 10.6.6
Compare two PDF documents - fast, incredibly easy and reliable! What exactly has changed, what is really the same? How often do you get back a document and are still uncertain about the changes? Why is it such a hard task to juggle with revisions edited by many authors? If you just want to *see* what happened, then PDiff Express is made for you! PDiff Express allows you to compare the content of two PDFs in order to pinpoint all textual changes. Just drag and drop two versions into PDiff and you will see all differences at a glance. This still works if fonts, layout, hyphenation or even page breaks were altered. PDiff Express is an ideal solution to compare versions of your • important office documents • mission critical technical manuals • legal texts and business contracts • financial reports • manuscripts and thesis texts • scientific articles, reports, and proceedings • fictional books and non-fiction books • copywriting to ready-to-print layout KEY FEATURES • fast and reliable PDF text comparison for multipage documents • highlighting of differences (changes, insertions, and deletions) in the PDF files • text synopsis display with synchronized text and highlighted differences • synchronized side-by-side display of two PDFs: see corresponding words in all displays by hovering with the mouse over the text • comparison handles layout changes (e.g. single vs. multi column), font, size and style changes, added hyphenation and different page breaks • spot light display to distinguish text from non-text areas • reformatting of text according to layout of the other document • full text search function • easy-to-use interface for best user experience • full Unicode support for international scripts INTERFACE LANGUAGES English, German REQUIREMENTS • Both PDFs must contain searchable text (i.e. text from scans/images cannot be extracted, neither text from fonts converted to paths) • PDFs must not be encrypted • Text is extracted in PDF text order (i.e. regions with multicolumn layouts and tables, should have the same text order - row first or column first - in both documents) • To test above requirements, open your PDFs in Preview.app: check if text is searchable and inspect text order by selecting growing regions with the mouse.