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Use PedPal to store and print pedigrees for pedigree dogs, cats or other animals, easily. Just click in the pedigree to fill in the details and the ancestors, then click Print or Save to save it as a PDF/JPEG. PedPal remembers the details of animals you've previously entered. So when adding a new animal if the Sire/Dam is one you've added before you can just select his/her name from a list and PedPal automatically pulls in all their ancestors as far back as you've previously entered. Highlight your champions e.g. in red or bold. Include photos, including a 'watermark' photo behind the pedigree. Adjust the pedigrees by changing fonts & colors, borders, number of ancestor generations (3-6), adding/removing heading boxes, or signature area, and resizing the boxes. Customize the information stored and presented on the pedigrees by adding your own data fields, and then choosing where to display them in the pedigree e.g. in the main pedigree details and/or each ancestor generation.