Percent & Smart Pirates

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It is a fun and easy way to learn percents while playing together with bright spark pirates. Serve pizza and cakes round the hungry pirates’ crew, go with them on the swings and bring them through the abyss. Learn to equivalent forms, compare percents and percents problems. There are four games in one. Each game is represented by an island. On the first island we learn to convert beetween fractions and percents. Offer your pirates on the island some slices of pizza and guess what part of the pizza is left for other pirates to eat in the boat. If you make a mistake they will be in trouble. On the second island, the pirates have to get across the bottomless abyss. In order to do it, they should balance the bridge using firecracker baskets. Help the pirates - choose a basket with an equivalent percents. On the third island, the pirates come across an unexpected rival – One-eyed Captain. But our brave old sea dogs are not afraid! Make sure they get bigger watermelons than the Captain does. On the fourth island, one of your sweet tooth pirates is willing to refresh himself with a few pieces of cake. Offer him these cakes and guess on percents problem. You cannot go wrong. If you make a mistake, the pirate’s cake will be eaten by a perky parrot. Features: - Four games in one: Fractions as a percents, equivalents, comparison and percents problems. - Fun animations of the pirate and his friends - Training mode at the start of every level - Three different levels of difficulty in each game: Easy, Medium and Hard - Advanced training mode at the every level