OS X 10.7
PercentCalculator is a simple and effective tool which allows you to make percent related calculations instantly and effortlessly by simply entering two values. 1. Find the percent of a number For example, what is 37,4% of 276? Answer is 103.224007 2. Find the percent of a part value For example, what percentage is 42 of 300? Answer is 14% 3. Calculate the value y% is of value x For example, 688 is 16% of what value? Answer is 4300 We love to hear your feedback. Please remember, we cannot reply to your comments in the Mac App Store. ◆◆◆ Bug Fix & Feature Request ◆◆◆ If you have any problem, please email us at / Thank you! We will fix bugs and add features for you as soon as possible. Features: - Copy and Paste result - Clean, simple and user friendly interface - Menu bar app, is there when you need