Percussive Acoustic Groove Library with Chris Woods

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In 'Percussive Acoustic Groove Library' Chris Woods introduces twenty five percussive acoustic licks for you to learn on your acoustic guitar. The twenty five licks cover a number of tunings including standard, dropped D, open Dsus4, CGCGCD and DGBEAD so there are plenty of different sounds to explore. Techniques used include slapping, tapping, harmonics and body percussion - all great additions to help you expand the range of sounds in your acoustic guitar vocabulary. Chris's playing covers a broad range of taps, slaps, strums and mesmerising grooves - the perfect source material from which to begin your own explorations. The app features high quality video of Chris playing each lick with three camera angles to show you exactly how each technique is executed. Full tab and notation is included with an automatic follow along feature to make it easier to match the score to the music. Chris's performance notes explain the best way to practise and play the licks and how to get the most out of them. Also included is a practise mode with a tab player that plays the lick at the tempo you choose to help you practise most effectively. Add something new to your guitar sound with this exciting and challenging set of licks from one of the UK's most exciting instrumentalists. Get slappin and tappin with the Groove Library today! (All the video content in the app is downloaded when you purchase from iTunes so no need to stream anything over wifi when you are practising.)