Periodic Table Chemistry

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A fantastic Periodic Table on all your Apple devices. Apple Watch, Apple TV, Mac, iPhone and iPad. Best App in USA, United Kingdom and Australia. Modern · Scientific · Beautiful · Elegant · Minimalist Periodic Table Chemistry is for you, for geeks, for nerds, for science lovers, for chemists and mad geniuses. We believe that the New Apple TV and Apple Watch will be a great tool for science and education. Dmitri Mendeleev's a genius who created the best invention for chemical science: the periodic table. This great masterpiece of this genius is now available on Apple TV and Apple Watch, in addition to the classic devices: Mac, iPhone and iPad. Chemistry is everywhere! Making Chemistry easier: Periodic Table · Atomic Number. · Atomic Mass. · Valence. · Oxidation States. · Electronegativity. · Density. · Melting Point. · Boiling Point. Focus Mode · Normal. · Radioactive. · Atomic Radius. · Ion Radius. · Electron Affinity. · Polyatomic Ions. · Acid Oxides. · Base Oxides. · Amphoteric Oxides. · Alkaline Metals. · Earth Metals. · Transition Metals. · Basic Metals. · Metalloids. · Nonmetals. · Halogens. · Noble Gas. · Lanthanide. · Actinide. Mr. Proton Studio: Scientific Software