Personal Mails

OS X 10.6.6
Personal Mails allows you to handle what is necessary to send mails / emails in bulk form, also in html (created with an external program), including images. Personal Mails includes an Address book, used to store names, print labels, envelopes and used as a phonebook. The name, with all its data, can be easily included in a letter or in an email, which you can create by the Mail function. When a group of recipients has been selected, you can print a customized bulk letter and/or email. You can also print a phonebook, with the full list of the names stored, grouped by first letter of the surname and alphabetically sorted by surname. Labels can be printed with the street addresses for the records in the list on sheets of die-cut labels. Laser, ink jet and DYMO printers are supported. You can send bulk personalized emails, also in html format (including images, links, etc.), to make rich intriguing messages. The text of your message can be a plain text or an HTML text to have a page rich of contents (formatted texts, images, tables, links) similar to a web page. Full instructions are given on how to create HTML emails using Freeway Express which you can easily find on the App Store. The text of the message can be also customized inserting “tags” which will be replaced by the “real” values when the message is sent. This allows you to design a template to be used over and over again.