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The “Personal Menu” app lives in the menu bar. With it, your most important programs, directories, files and clipboard texts are always just a mouse click away, since you can configure them as a menu in the central menu bar. Under “Settings...” open a window with a browser in which you can drag and drop programs, directories and files directly from the Finder. You can also drop text snippets (also multi-line) here. You can change the order of the entries within the browser by dragging and dropping. Configure the entries by double-clicking or pressing Enter / Tab, each entry contains the following four fields: – Title (display in the menu) – Text (file with path or the text to be inserted) – Hotkey (optional) – Action on selection (“Open”, “Display in Finder”, “Copy text”) Group your entries with separator lines. As a treat, you can also create empty files, e. g. text files such as “Readme. txt” for notes. Export any number of different configurations, which can be imported again as required. They are saved in JSON files and can of course also be edited outside the app. This allows you to create different setups for different scenarios. “Personal Menu” saves you a lot of time, lets you work more efficiently and will be used as a useful tool every day.