Petri – Ibidex multiplayer game

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** PETRI IS NOW ALSO AVAILABLE ON APPLE TV ** Petri is a local multi-player battle for survival – controlled using your very own smartphone. Pit your very own adorable microbe against your friends. Fire away at your opponents, shrink them down to edible size, and then gobble them up before they get you! Zombies chase you at every turn. Will you work together, or turn against one another? Who will come out on top? ○ Control the game with your smartphone! Download the free Ibidex Game Controller app. ○ Up to 16 players concurrently and in real time! (Bigger event? Contact us for 100+ players interactive content) ○ Play together on a single big screen of your Mac or TV! ○ Fight each other, or the zombies! Gather your friends and let the smack talk begin!! Note: Your smartphones must be on the same wi-fi network as your Mac.