Phantom Signal Sci-Fi Strategy

OS X 10.9.0
A drifting space ship wakes up due to unusual interference in space. Almost right after this, an unknown enemy attacks the ship. To withstand this new threat and reach the source of the signal, the ship’s command module activates an industrial fabricator, which you take control of. Your tasks include constructing an energy grid, procuring resources, upgrading the ship and destroying enemies. Every enemy type has its own peculiarities. They have their own strengths and weaknesses. As you approach the phantom signal, you encounter missions that demand a strategic approach to constructing and defending your base. The universe won’t reveal its secrets to the first person that comes along. You’ll need to travel a long and complicated path through multiple star systems to find the source of the signal. Key features: -Incredibly beautiful deep space -A plotline, main and sidemissions -Non-linear approach to completing missions -System for researching and upgrading unique abilities -Varied enemies with adaptive AI -Ability to select a comfortable game speed for you -Excellent replayability (potentially)