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Phil’s EarTrainer

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This software is designed with the aspiring musician in mind. It is based upon the practice in music schools of "ear training." Usually one student plays an interval or chord on a piano, and another student tries to identify it. After a while, one learns to identify those intervals and chords. This application replaces the other student by playing random intervals or chords and asking the user to identify them. There are two quiz modules, Intervals and Harmony. They both are configurable to an extent, and a score (as in game, not music) is kept for the student to evaluate his/her progress. A wide variety of instruments can be used. There is also a keyboard (as in piano, not computer) provided for the student to play and hear the intervals and/or chords in the event that there isn't a piano near the computer. This keyboard is unique in that the keys actually seem to move like a real piano.