PhoneBox – handsfree, recording calls for smartphones

OS X 10.9
PhoneBox allows you to make and receive calls via your phone straight to a desktop. ◆ Answer calls instantly and dial directly from your desktop. ◆ Record conversations, store and play it back. ◆ Receive alerts for incoming calls. The application connects to your phone using Bluetooth and controls calls. Your computer becomes a handsfree device. The application manages multiple calls. You can put on hold and make active multiple callers. Search a contact or dial directly using the input field or keypad. It saves you time and makes a life easier. PhoneBox can record conversations! This allows store and playback recordings. Features that helps you everyday: - connect to a phone using Bluetooth and save its settings; - handsfree communication with phone calls; - alert for incoming calls; - store and playback recordings; - record a conversation; - auto-reconnect a phone; - open on login; - Multiple call management. - access to address book; - dial custom numbers; - number keypad; - contact list. It supports iPhones 4, 4S, 5, 5C and 5S, other smartphones (Android, Windows Phone) with Bluetooth 4.0. Please use the “Report an issue” feedback button if you have feedback or need help with setup and connection. Bluetooth is a technology that has some connection issues and sometimes needs additional setup. Note: when pairing a device with a computer hold the Bluetooth preferences screen open on the phone! Use this manual for application setup Choose a smartphone device to connect via Bluetooth. The device will be configured to use computer as a handsfree set. Requirements: computer - Mac OS X 10.8+ - using headset with Mac. smartphone - Bluetooth onboard - ability to pair with Mac. Before using the application try to pair the computer with your smartphone to ensure its compatibility. If you have any issues please report it with the form in the app.