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▲△▲△▲ Photo Calendar Maker ▲△▲△▲ 一个简单而直观的应用程序,使用它可以点几下,无需复杂的图形和绘图程序创建您自己的照片日历。 在窗口中拖动图像,日历准备要打印! 您可以选择创建一个年度或月历,并添加照片的书面选择。 此外,您将有许多高品质的照片,以创造一些真正漂亮的日历和独一无二的! 可用3种语言:意大利语,英语和西班牙语 IN ENGLISH: —————— A simple and intuitive application with which you can create your own photo calendars with a few clicks and without the need of complicated graphics and drawing programs. Drag an image in the window and the calendar is ready to be printed! You can choose to create an annual or a monthly calendar and also add some words over the chosen photo. In addition you will have many high-quality photos to create some really beautiful and unique calendars! Available in 3 languages: English, Italian and Spanish