Photo Cropper Pro

OS X 10.11
** Crop photos in various shapes including Circle, Rounded Rectangle, Star shapes and many more. Enhance them with over 20 filters. Add border of various colours to the cropped image or create borderless cropped images ! ** Photo Cropper Pro comes with more than 9 shapes and more than 20 filters to enhance the photo and make it unique. Using the application, the photos could be cropped in many shapes like star shape, circle shape, oval shape, rounded rectangle shape and many more.The shapes could be customised as well using the customization options that are built inside the application. Beautify and enhance the photos further using the filters which remove the irregularity and add more clearness to the photos. The application comes with various filters like Black & White,Fade photo effect, Bloom, Crystallize, DepthOfField, Chrome, Noir, Tonal, Sepia, Gloom & many more effects. Different colours of borders could be added to the photos to make them even better.The photos could even be saved without any border i.e. Borderless crops are also supported. The application can enhance photos using its huge filter base. Below are the features : - Crop photos in various shapes with borders of any colour. - Enhance photos using various filters. - Easy to use and intuitive UI. - Remove unwanted part from the photos. - Manually set the enhanced photos as profile photos on various social media sites or upload them.