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The Secret Weapon for Your Photo Processing Needs! Many of us have to deal with converting tons of photos to different formats, renaming them or applying operations like Flipping, Mirror,Grayscale over and over. It is not much fun if you have to do all those operations individually for each photo. PhotoGunLite can reduce this process from hours of work to just a few simple clicks. You can perform the following operations: - Add professional touches to your photos and apply “Vignetting”, a creative effect, to draw attention to the center of the frame; - Blur to hide some of the details of your photos (different levels of blurring available); - Invert the photos; - Flip the image vertically and horizontally; - Swap the RGB-channels; - Convert color images into black-and-white ones; - Change the order of the operations to achieve the best results; - Save the operation-flows as presets that you will use over and over again; - Preview all images at each stage of the applied operations by clicking the eye symbol on the flow thumbnails, in real time and with retina-ready graphics; - Give new names to your photos; - Convert photos from/into all key formats, such as: a) JPEG: Join Photographic Experts Group, any quality compression level ranging from 1% to 100% b) PNG: Portable Network Graphics, c) BMP: Windows Bitmap, d) TIFF: Tagged Image File Format, e) XMP: X PixMap, f) PPM: Portable Pixmap. The full version of the app contains more image operations: - Resize; - Crop; - Borders; - Watermark; - Brightness; - Contrast; - Saturation; - Rotation; - Histogram optimizer; - Binarization; etc.