Photo Plastic Surgery GIF Maker

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************************************************ What is Photo Plastic Surgery GIF Maker? ************************************************ Photo Plastic Surgery GIF Maker is a cross-platform (iOS/Android/Mac/Win8/WP8) software that enable you to perform plastic surgery for your digital photo and save as gif animation format. Not only you can use it to do plastic surgery for photo, but also create a gif animation file to show the change process. You will find that it is a very useful and funny software, give it a try! ************************************************ What can it do? ************************************************ 1> Stretch, expand, shrink, rotate, scale photo. 2> Generate a smooth gif movie file from multiple photo key frames. 3> Make spoof photo, create morph animation. ************************************************ How to use it? ************************************************ 1> Open a photo. 2> Crop the photo to the appropriate size. You'd better select the part required only, as much as possible to reduce the final gif file size. 3> Create the necessary key frames, then use the tools to edit them. The software will generate intermediate frames automatically. 4> Save animations to a gif file. Be sure to select appropriate size and frames.