Photo Privacy Cleaner

OS X 10.6
remove privacy information from photo This application is used to delete the privacy information from you photo.Includes gps, exif, iptc ,etc. Note: This program will generate a new picture (and remove location information) does not modify or destroy your original file. When you are using a mobile phone or other device to take the picture, Your location and shooting time may be included in the photo. If you have a very nice photo, and want to share it on the network.  Then your private information is also copied to upload pictures of it. these information will be seen by other people download . So you can remove that information before uploading photos. This application can copy your pictures to a new location and delete the information, so you can protect your privacy. does not change your original photo. Main features: 1 Open the photo files (JPG, JPEG, JPEG2000, TIFF, PNG, etc), you can drag and drop photos into the application 2 can be seen in the list if there is GPS and other information. Very intuitive 3 Click Start 4 does not change the original picture, all the pictures generated in the specified directory Very easy to use