Photo Watermarker Pro

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powerful tools for make watermark for photo, you can use text or image as you watermark . batch process. Main Features: 1.Add text watermark 2.Add image watermark 3.Rotate text and image watermark 4.Make you watermark transparency 5.Set font and color for text watermark as you like 6.Set position for you watermark by one click 7.Add logo image as image watermark 8.Protected you photo 9.The DPI and pixel size information will be reserved 10.COMMAND+A to select all watermark and rotate all 11. Scale image watermark (use mouse middle key or trackpad) 12.You can rotate watermark use you trackpad too. 13.Design watermarks for the first photo, then click "save all" to process all files directly! 14.Support gif Note : you can hold Command Key and click watermark for multi select. then rotate all selected watermark. ------------------------------------ For bug and function suggest please email us at, thank you!