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Many of us take photos every day, but rarely find time to enjoy them. PhotoBlast displays treasured memories from your Photos library at regular intervals, popping up from your menu bar with an optional chime without taking over your screen, and vanishing after a few seconds. You can manually open the popup to take a closer look at your image. ⁃Adjustable popup interval ⁃PhotoBlast doubles as a chime with synchronised popup times (hourly, half hourly, quarter hourly etc) ⁃Adjustable popup frequency and display duration ⁃Can select which Photos Library albums to display photos from ⁃Optional chime sound on popup ⁃Optional clock display on photograph ⁃Button to quickly enable / disable popup option ⁃Button to view full size image PhotoBlast is compatible with the Photos app, and loads images from the Photos library. PhotoBlast requires access to the Photos library location to be granted on first use.